Calc Thirty-first runoy is Calc, phonetically transmitting sound [C].

The meaning of the runes darkness, like those of the younger runes, which were used for sacred or magic, which explains why the content of their carefully hidden from the uninitiated. Traditionally believed that it was a ritual vessel or the sacred chalice. However, its title - Calc can be translated as "small", the soft material used in construction and for writing on slate.

If it is not the name of the runes, but because of its graphic form, the better to be the first treatment, but then the cup should be seen as emptying and turn. The fact that it contains, it was already used, or a disadvantage if spilled, it is lost in vain. Perhaps, the elixir was drunk or vyplesnut on the ground or on a fire in time of a sacred ritual.

In the interpretation of the runes on the mundane level, the modern tradition of considering runu Calc as a symbol of remembrance of the missing or deceased, combining, in a way, and the sacrificial drink, and a means of recording. The form of rune Calc resembles turn upside down Algiz, the fifteenth runu Senior Futhark, a symbol of protection. Therefore, a modern mystic sees it as runu of death at all, or a symbol of the death of the individual.

More interesting to the ancient interpretation of the runes, a unifying philosophy of mysticism. Esoteric Secrecy Calc indicates that being a full, yet empty. Like many runam this aspect embodies the idea of unity of opposites. From the standpoint of mysticism rune Calc denotes a characteristic feature of all sacral: whether it is a sacred relic or concealment of knowledge, or the attainment of enlightenment - all this may seem easy, but you can not touch it - every time it is inaccessible. In the medieval world of rune Calc considered runoy the Holy Grail.