Ior Phonetically Fleece passes diphthong [Io] and its shape is similar to Rune Hagal. Ior indicates sea animals. Initially, this rune may be linked with beavers, animals that once existed, but in the VIII century, disappeared in Britain, and with mythical animals, known in tradition obscheindoevropeyskoy culture as the World Serpent. In Nordic mythology, this creature is known under the name Yormunganda, the serpent so big that, upholstered in the sea, on all sides surrounding Midgard, capable of mouth to catch its own tail.

At the mystical level Ior embodies - similar to the dual nature - animal, amphibian, capable of living both in water and on land, all the inherent duality of things. The concept is explained on the basis of the Nordic myth of the world serpent, as he told senior and junior Eddy. Until the day of battle last Ragnarek, the World Serpent dwells in the ocean and surrounding land is an essential part of the Scandinavian cosmogony and ideas about the universe. The effects of extinction Yormunganda would become more dangerous and pernicious of all worlds, as his presence on the outskirts of Midgarda.

Natural disasters, presented as a movement of this substance, are an integral part of the natural course of the universe and the way of human life. Interesting from this point of view story about fishing Torah. Vykinuv overboard bychyu head, which represents a number of nortumbriyskom sign Ur, rune power. Tor is not only caught, but also, and tried to draw Yormunganda, but the satellite giant Hryumir, cut lines and snake again plunged into the ocean depths. This myth not only demonstrates the dexterity asa, but stresses that blindly attempts. Scandinavian mythology, and behind that Old runic mysticism unequivocally recognize the concept of unity of opposites.
 Light impossible without the darkness,
               and there is no day without night,
               Fleece Ior - the balance of power talisman --
said Old runic poem.

Podvig Legend is shown in the Torah as an attempt crime, through the law of equilibrium in the universe - something which is not able to bring even a god, not violating the balance of power in it and not plunging into chaos. As dangerous represented Ior force recognized essential components of life. Main content of runes Ior is to indicate that the attempt to delete one of the polar opposite of that originally doomed to failure.

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