Rad Fifth runoy is Rad and phonetically represents the sound [P].

Old runic poem says:

 For inside the chambers
               riding too mellow;
               it is difficult, when on horseback
               drives it a mile long.
Thus, in the poem, which describes this runu refers to two types of activity: the sexual act, and riding on horseback. Combined, they are here, so that in encrypted form to convey esoteric content runes: Rad rune symbolizes all kinds of activity set to achieve any goal.

The name of this rune also indicates the tire and the road on which travel on horseback.

In mystical terms Rad rune denotes chariot or cart, to which should ascend in order to come closer to the goal of his journey, that is, it is that to achieve the necessary results required to properly use those guns that are available to man. Also, implying the wheel and the road rune points to the need to prove in due course in the proper place. It can be assumed that in the interpretation of the runes on the masters of Northumbria runnyh considerable impact of Druids. Ritual nature of activity is precisely captures the inherent meaning of runes in reference to the need to act in conjunction to time. According to mystical concepts of ritual, in the process of transformation of energy takes place, ie the transition of spirit, matter or information from one place or state to another.

Runa Rad in worldly terms symbolizes man consciously attempts to influence the circumstances of which consists of well-being. So it is that for the success of someone who practices runes and turns to him for advice, requires a conscious and positive response or interaction with all components of the worldly situation that he encountered.