Ger The twelfth rune called Ger and phonetically denotes the sound [J] or soft [G].

Esoteric meaning of the runes - "year" or "season". At the mystical level, Ger associated with the processes taking place in time and in need of its logical conclusion, and cycle times.

Old runic poem says Rune Ger so:
 Abundance fields - bright joy basis
            and rich and poor,
            Ger rotation cycle completes,
            but remember: do not reap the benefits of yesterday,
            not enter into a new circle.
This rune stands culminate stemming still a process that requires a corresponding conclusion, which appears here as a cleaning crop. Until finished Odin cycle times, can not begin another. Ger is the point of transition between the cycle times and simultaneously runoy completion, which is reflected in its ordinal position in all Futharkh: how to mark the twelfth runes series, which symbolizes the (two on each month) a full twelve months of the year. In contrast to the ancient tradition, seen in this Rune symbol of the cycles of seasons, the modern tradition of interpreting runes nortumbriyskogo number believed that Ger reflects the mystical union between earth and space.

At the mundane level, Ger denotes bountiful harvests, which can be obtained in the course of sustainable agriculture. In other words, Fleece Ger indicates that, when human activity is consistent with correct principles, namely, each individual act in harmony with the natural order of things, it most likely will bring the desired fruit.